Being active with Brittney Cutts

  We chat to Australian personal trainer and wellness coach Brittney Cutts about her mission and goals. Hailing from small-town New Zealand, this young up-and-comer has not only managed to find Aussie-based love in Australian Football Leauge (AFL) star Matthew … Read more »

Chocolate oat protein slice

  Meet your protein quota by including this decadent choc oat protein slice in your workday meal plan.   What you’ll need Makes: 12 slices // Prep Time: 15 minutes Slice Ingredients: ½ cup shredded coconut ½ cup oats ½ … Read more »

Sweet potato brownies

  Our April cover model Nadine Dumas talks healthy treats, fit food and shares her sweet potato brownie recipe.   ON FIT FOODI’m a fan of sweet potatoes and a protein that’s a bit lighter. I train right before lunch, … Read more »

Rebecca Malone: January 2016 Bodyblitz Winner

        Being a mother of two and a full-time student, making time for fitness wasn’t easy for Rebecca Malone. But with the support of her family and a rekindled love of the weights room, she’s celebrating the … Read more »

A day in the life of Emily Skye

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Jess Sepel’s FebFast tips

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Salted caramel post workout smoothie

  Change up your post-gym snack with this salted caramel smoothie by @silverspies.     3 heaped tbsp (approx. 30g) of natural whey protein (WPI or WPC) 2-3 medjool dates (depending on desired sweetness) 1/8 tsp pink Himalayan salt 1 … Read more »

Motivation mind hacks

  If you’re constantly fighting with yourself to get to the gym, a few mental tactics and mind motivation hacks can help. Mental tactics can make a difference between staying in bed and making Pump class. For example, prospection – … Read more »

10 filling toast toppers under 100 calories

  Up your toast toppers to include low-glycaemic combinations of protein and fibre sources with these toppings.   Think low-fat cottage cheese or cream cheese topped with fresh fruit. Let your flavour imagination run wild. ¼ sliced banana with 2 … Read more »

Chocolate banana pancake recipe

  Get your essential aminos on with these protein-packed brunch or post-workout meal. What you’ll need (makes 10 pikelet-size pancakes)Pancakes 1 cup egg whites ½ cup vanilla whey protein powder 2 tbsp cottage cheese (if desired) ¼ cup buckwheat flakes … Read more »